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Co-hosts Dario Albrecht and Randy M. Salo talk to the who's who of the progressive rock and metal world. New interviews drop Mondays and Thursdays. Fridays we feature our favorite five releases of the week. Subcribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 142: The Final Episode? Our Prog Journey

    Progcast hosts Dario Albrecht and Randy M. Salo finally discuss their personal Prog Journey and the decision to take a break from the show they started 2 and a half years ago. All of that and more, only on Episode 142 of the Progcast. Get your tickets to the Howl of the Underdogs ...


  2. Episode 141: Ragnar Ólafsson (Ask the Slave)

    Icelandic experimental prog metal misfits of Ask the Slave are gearing up for the release of their third album, "Good Things Bad People". Frontman Ragnar Ólafsson called to tell us about recording Shakespearean swear words on the toilet, the joys of recording 80 vocal tracks to layer - and how much ...


  3. Episode 140: Adam Janzi (VOLA)

    A couple of days after the release of "Witness", VOLA-drummer Adam Janzi checks in to tell us about the reception so far, their current Denmark weekend tour (yes, live concerts!) and the collaboration with rapper SHAHMEN that's dividing the prog world right now. All of that and more, only on ...


  4. Episode 139: Azure

    Chris Sampson and Galen Stapley from UK fantasy proggers Azure return to the Progcast to talk about dragons, the ever growing stack of props never used in their music videos and of course, their new album "Of Brine and Angel's Beaks" which is going to be out on June 11! ...


  5. Episode 138: Frost*

    Today, Progcast host Dario is joined by three distinguished british gentlemen: Jem Godfrey, John Mitchell and Nathan King. And they're all from the band Frost*! 30 minutes pass by really quickly when you're having fun with your mates so come join us for some insights into the recording process of ...